Why White Bread Is The Worst Choice In Bread

Bread is one of those foods that you will find in just about any recipe. You might see it call for breadcrumbs, and even full slices of bread when you’re making French toast. I personally am a fan of bread, whether it’s served after dinner, during dinner, or as a dessert. I’m sure you’ve has bread pudding before.

That said bread is a staple in all means for all people worldwide. Doing a bread maker review search even puts you into a land filled with people making bread themselves. Of all of the bread varieties, white bread is the one that tastes best to most people. But just because it tastes best, does that mean it is best?

No. Not even a little bit.

First of all, as we’ve stated, White Bread is a worldwide favorite. A loaf of white bread is often shown on a table filled with food and it makes it look quite classy.

But as more diets come to be, more and more people tend to shy away from white bread. But why is that?

Grains in white bread are called “Refined Grains” – which at first doesn’t sound like much of a big deal. But what actually happens is that these small grains are stripped of their bran, germ and vitamin A parts. It just so happens that bran, germ, and Vitamin A are the parts of bread that we actually need.

Perhaps the worst part of white bread is its level on the glycemic index. The glycemic index itself is what different foods are gauged on to determine the effect that they have on insulin as opposed to glycerin. White bread, being made from refined grains will quickly get into your system and causes a huge spike in your insulin. It may seem like it is giving you more power and energy, but it’s faking your body into feeling naturally healthy.

Just as quickly as your glucose levels rise, they drop quickly too. Have you noticed that after you eat a lot of bread, you feel full pretty quickly? But then about a half hour later, you feel hungry again? That’s bread having its way with your system – making levels rise and fall. This is why people on diets are really shooting themselves in the foot by eating bread as a snack, they’ll be hungry again soon and then probably reach for another high carb snack.

If you must have bread, consider making it yourself, and when taking a look at bread machine comparison, check and see if there are healthy recipes for bread. It’s not that bread itself is bad for you, it’s what we end up doing to it in processing.

More technical information on various bread machine is available at the BreadKitchenStory and for more healthier bread check out this recipe.

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