How to Use Blender for Meat And Vegetable

I can’t assure purchased grind meats from the groceries are purely meats without fats. Too much fats from meats is one of the highest source of cholesterol. Eliminate too much consumption of fatty foods, use a blender that is only sitting on your cupboard.

A blender isn’t just for juice mix, I also use it for mixing meats and vegetables. It helps me accomplished menus fast and healthy. For hamburgers I use a blender to mix cut meats and vegetables. This is the best way I can come up with a well blended mixtures. Just by adding all the ingredients in the blender helps me save the dish washing and time. All is done quickly and efficiently.

For a perfect sauce and soup mix a blender does it smoothly. I tried boiled pumpkin blended with boiled asparagus. In a saucepan sautéed minced onion and garlic over a small amount of butter, just pour in the pumpkin and asparagus mixture and bring to a boil. Serve in a soup bowl topped with bread croutons (or some black pepper and herbs) and your done. Healthy soup that kids also love. For the best blender for making soup, get a hand blender. It’s very practical and most important of all, easy to clean.

That is just a few examples how a blender can provide a healthy and delightful menus. I don’t let my blender just sit and watched me preparing meals in the kitchen. I make sure my fruits, vegetables and meats regularly bond together to help me make my family enjoy their meals. Fresh foods from the kitchen are always happy to meet my blender almost everyday.

The latest blender in the market are innovative and carefully manufactured for durability and effectiveness. For my families health and happiness I invest one. It doesn’t disappoint me as I always created a different menus everyday.

I was then called a wonder-mom for serving my family with wonderful meals. A feeling of always dining out gives them a wonderful smile.

To get that perfect pumpkin soup recipe check out allrecipe.

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