Steps to a Good Health

Shape up in and out, how? No matter how you balance your diet if you are not going to take some time to exercise, your body becomes weaker and lousy. Have a few steps a day to strengthen your muscles and stability.

If you are busy like me, with all the kids and house activities, just taking a few walks can make a big difference. We do not have an exercise machine at home as no room for that anymore. So what I did is just go outside and look for a riverside or a park to at least have a 10,000 walk a day. This is my doctors advice to let my blood flows smoothly and my heart function normally.

I just make sure to walk outside in a good weather. For me the perfect time to have a walking exercise is after I send the kids to school in the morning. Weather temperature in the morning is warm and safe from harmful uv rays. With my running shoes, and step counts checker plus a bottle of lemon water and some good music I am geared up and ready to count my 10,000 steps a day.

Walking outside is beneficial to both you and your wallet. Thus walking at the park is free anytime rather than going out to the gym. I save from monthly membership fee and you could do it anytime you are free, it’s so much more flexible than joining a fitness class at gym. Aside from budget it is also beneficial to my health as I can inhale fresh air and can take a quick rest whenever needed. At the park or at the riverside unlimited view of nature helps me broaden my mind. This is my free time to brainstorm things that should be done throughout the day or in the future. Or if not I just free my mind from thinking to refresh and allow new ideas or just relax.

Keeping yourself busy with all the work to be done is always good, but to set a time for your health is even better. Don’t lock yourself with the households, give time for your health to keep you strong and healthy. Our family needs us, so always keep in good shape.

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