Getting the most from your microwave oven

When looking to purchase a first microwave or update the one you own there are some points worth thinking about before rushing out and taking the first microwave on sale.

Purpose: How much are you planning on using the microwave?

What types of foods are you planning on cooking?

Budget: What budget are you working to?

There are other questions to be considered when you are going to buy, such as size and finish, style etc… But ‘function’ or ‘purpose’ and ‘budget’ are the main points to consider.

These are the points that will dictate whether you have just paid for another ‘dust collector’ for the kitchen counter or if you have purchased a time saving, energy saving and useful piece of kitchen equipment.

From my many years of using various microwave ovens I can say confidently that the ‘convection microwave oven’ is really worth the extra expense, as it’s really the best oven for baking and tons of other day to day recipes. A convection microwave will take the place of a toaster oven, if you were using one already. And also perform as your standard microwave; preserving vitamins and minerals in your vegetable cooking much more than a pot boiling on a stove top will ever do, and so much more. A two for one bargain in my opinion. I only converted to convection 4 years ago and I will never do without one again. This microwave allows you to save a lot of money on electric by many times not needing to turn on the full size kitchen oven. I have baked fabulous biscuits and puddings, banana loafs to die for, and any number of cheese and vegetable dishes needing a quick brown on the top. ‘Potato bake’ in a convection microwave is a specialty of mine and very economical when compared to baking this alone in a regular oven.

However if you are not planning on using your microwave for anything other than microwaving then you should be looking closely at the size you require and the budget you have for one.

Also, do not forget that the humble ‘old micro’ is readily available for a small cost any garage sales, online auction sites and classified advertisements in the local and free papers or even put your own notice on the supermarket noticeboard and you should have plenty of offers.

I purchased my last convection microwave from a recycling shop in my local town. A stainless steel full size for only $55.00

If you have not started using your microwave for these time saving tricks I suggest you start now.

Popcorn popping

Warming citrus prior to juicing, to obtain extra juice

Warming up a wheat bag

Softening things like taco shells

Making hot cereal outside boiling as usual

Drying herbs, dried flowers and potpourri

And many more …. check out these healthy recipes that you can do with your microwave

So before you rush off and purchase your new microwave, spend a little moment thinking about the purpose and the budget you are looking for; and as always consider checking out a microwave oven comparison first. Always do your homework and if possible, try giving a pre-loved ‘micro’ a new home before contributing to landfill.

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