Dust Bunnies Beware! Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

I have pets. Two little dogs and a whole lot of little dust bunnies. They scurry around all over the place and it was only recently I discovered how easy it is to use a vacuum for hardwood floors.

For the longest time I used different mop types of floor cleaners for my hardwood floor. First a broom and a dustpan, then a dust mop, and still those wascally wabbits got away from me, because the slightest breeze would send them scampering under the couch or into the corner or under the closet door. Then I got a new vacuum cleaner.

Finding the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair was not an easy job, and I’ll tell you why. Most vacuum cleaners will clean any floor surface, but some vacuums will damage your hardwood floors doing it. The best kind of vacuum for a hardwood floor is the canister kind with the long hose and a wand attachment with a felt or brush head. Canister vacuums also normally have rubber wheels, which won’t scratch your floor.

Upright vacuum cleaners have beater bars or brushes, and not all can be raised to keep them from beating your floor. Designed to agitate carpets and shake dirt loose, those same bars can do some real damage to your oak, pine, or other hardwood.

Other considerations are weight, versatility, accessories, attachments, and of course, suctioning power. I want to be sure to get all the dog hair and grass that my dogs drag in, not to mention those elusive dust bunnies, and that requires good suction. The features that make the canister vacuum ideal for hardwood floors also make it optimal for drapes, furniture, walls, ceilings, stairs, curtains and lamps as well. This is one tool that can make housecleaning a breeze.

The best advice I was given was to choose one of the most popular brands. The warranty and guarantee that normally goes along with the best loved brands make it worry-free, knowing that the popularity of the brand has been earned. It would be very disappointing to spend a lot of money on a vacuum cleaner only to have it not work up to expectations. Most major brands are available online, making it even easier to purchase. And one of the best parts of choosing a vacuum for hardwood floors online is reading customer reviews. Customers tend to be very upfront about both successes and failures and they will tell you things that are not covered in the manufacturer’s literature. So go find you a vacuum for your hardwood floor and catch yourself some bunnies!

Photo Source: Eva Rinaldi

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