Organizing Your Kitchen

A home isn’t a home without a kitchen. It is the heart and soul of every home. To have an organized and eye catching kitchen renovate or rearrange things accordingly, a good practice that will absolutely change your lifestyle.

I love rearranging things around the house when seasons changed for a good vibes. Also, moving things allows you to check and clean the back side of your cabinets, cupboards or working desk if possible. I placed fresh flowers and indoor plants to add some colors and vibrant. Sometimes I change the color combinations to coordinate with the seasons. Like red and green combinations for winter or yellows and greens for summer time.

However, a kitchen is even more enchanting if you have a kitchen lighting. I was fascinated when I saw a wide range of kitchen lighting in different style and size. A modern kitchen lighting can be use either on cupboards, counter tops, toe kicks or even on drawers and cabinets. What’s good in them is it is not hot and it is power saver.

On my next kitchen renovation list (yes, I have a binder of all the things I want to have for my next kitchen), is to get kitchen lighting fixtures to make it even more inviting and lustrous. Those lights with a remote control for different brightness and warmness will be perfect. You could do a romantic dinner or a fun kids party at the same place.

Besides interior design planning on my kitchen on my spare time, I experiment a new menu to also dramatically change every meals. Because the foods are the main essentials to have a winning kitchen, don’t just serve your family the same menu all the same. From time to time I open my cookbooks or checkout online for new ideas.  I must say that I enjoy my stay at the kitchen like I am a culinary expert.

Renovating or rearranging our home can be pushy and strenuous. It could be so tough moving heavy things around, but to me, the more I define our kitchen the more I get inspired. After a long day I am satisfied to see my family enjoying their foods while sharing jokes and laughter.

Getting the most from your microwave oven

When looking to purchase a first microwave or update the one you own there are some points worth thinking about before rushing out and taking the first microwave on sale.

Purpose: How much are you planning on using the microwave?

What types of foods are you planning on cooking?

Budget: What budget are you working to?

There are other questions to be considered when you are going to buy, such as size and finish, style etc… But ‘function’ or ‘purpose’ and ‘budget’ are the main points to consider.

These are the points that will dictate whether you have just paid for another ‘dust collector’ for the kitchen counter or if you have purchased a time saving, energy saving and useful piece of kitchen equipment.

From my many years of using various microwave ovens I can say confidently that the ‘convection microwave oven’ is really worth the extra expense, as it’s really the best oven for baking and tons of other day to day recipes. A convection microwave will take the place of a toaster oven, if you were using one already. And also perform as your standard microwave; preserving vitamins and minerals in your vegetable cooking much more than a pot boiling on a stove top will ever do, and so much more. A two for one bargain in my opinion. I only converted to convection 4 years ago and I will never do without one again. This microwave allows you to save a lot of money on electric by many times not needing to turn on the full size kitchen oven. I have baked fabulous biscuits and puddings, banana loafs to die for, and any number of cheese and vegetable dishes needing a quick brown on the top. ‘Potato bake’ in a convection microwave is a specialty of mine and very economical when compared to baking this alone in a regular oven.

However if you are not planning on using your microwave for anything other than microwaving then you should be looking closely at the size you require and the budget you have for one.

Also, do not forget that the humble ‘old micro’ is readily available for a small cost any garage sales, online auction sites and classified advertisements in the local and free papers or even put your own notice on the supermarket noticeboard and you should have plenty of offers.

I purchased my last convection microwave from a recycling shop in my local town. A stainless steel full size for only $55.00

If you have not started using your microwave for these time saving tricks I suggest you start now.

Popcorn popping

Warming citrus prior to juicing, to obtain extra juice

Warming up a wheat bag

Softening things like taco shells

Making hot cereal outside boiling as usual

Drying herbs, dried flowers and potpourri

And many more …. check out these healthy recipes that you can do with your microwave

So before you rush off and purchase your new microwave, spend a little moment thinking about the purpose and the budget you are looking for; and as always consider checking out a microwave oven comparison first. Always do your homework and if possible, try giving a pre-loved ‘micro’ a new home before contributing to landfill.

Why White Bread Is The Worst Choice In Bread

Bread is one of those foods that you will find in just about any recipe. You might see it call for breadcrumbs, and even full slices of bread when you’re making French toast. I personally am a fan of bread, whether it’s served after dinner, during dinner, or as a dessert. I’m sure you’ve has bread pudding before.

That said bread is a staple in all means for all people worldwide. Doing a bread maker review search even puts you into a land filled with people making bread themselves. Of all of the bread varieties, white bread is the one that tastes best to most people. But just because it tastes best, does that mean it is best?

No. Not even a little bit.

First of all, as we’ve stated, White Bread is a worldwide favorite. A loaf of white bread is often shown on a table filled with food and it makes it look quite classy.

But as more diets come to be, more and more people tend to shy away from white bread. But why is that?

Grains in white bread are called “Refined Grains” – which at first doesn’t sound like much of a big deal. But what actually happens is that these small grains are stripped of their bran, germ and vitamin A parts. It just so happens that bran, germ, and Vitamin A are the parts of bread that we actually need.

Perhaps the worst part of white bread is its level on the glycemic index. The glycemic index itself is what different foods are gauged on to determine the effect that they have on insulin as opposed to glycerin. White bread, being made from refined grains will quickly get into your system and causes a huge spike in your insulin. It may seem like it is giving you more power and energy, but it’s faking your body into feeling naturally healthy.

Just as quickly as your glucose levels rise, they drop quickly too. Have you noticed that after you eat a lot of bread, you feel full pretty quickly? But then about a half hour later, you feel hungry again? That’s bread having its way with your system – making levels rise and fall. This is why people on diets are really shooting themselves in the foot by eating bread as a snack, they’ll be hungry again soon and then probably reach for another high carb snack.

If you must have bread, consider making it yourself, and when taking a look at bread machine comparison, check and see if there are healthy recipes for bread. It’s not that bread itself is bad for you, it’s what we end up doing to it in processing.

More technical information on various bread machine is available at the BreadKitchenStory and for more healthier bread check out this recipe.

How to Use Blender for Meat And Vegetable

I can’t assure purchased grind meats from the groceries are purely meats without fats. Too much fats from meats is one of the highest source of cholesterol. Eliminate too much consumption of fatty foods, use a blender that is only sitting on your cupboard.

A blender isn’t just for juice mix, I also use it for mixing meats and vegetables. It helps me accomplished menus fast and healthy. For hamburgers I use a blender to mix cut meats and vegetables. This is the best way I can come up with a well blended mixtures. Just by adding all the ingredients in the blender helps me save the dish washing and time. All is done quickly and efficiently.

For a perfect sauce and soup mix a blender does it smoothly. I tried boiled pumpkin blended with boiled asparagus. In a saucepan sautéed minced onion and garlic over a small amount of butter, just pour in the pumpkin and asparagus mixture and bring to a boil. Serve in a soup bowl topped with bread croutons (or some black pepper and herbs) and your done. Healthy soup that kids also love. For the best blender for making soup, get a hand blender. It’s very practical and most important of all, easy to clean.

That is just a few examples how a blender can provide a healthy and delightful menus. I don’t let my blender just sit and watched me preparing meals in the kitchen. I make sure my fruits, vegetables and meats regularly bond together to help me make my family enjoy their meals. Fresh foods from the kitchen are always happy to meet my blender almost everyday.

The latest blender in the market are innovative and carefully manufactured for durability and effectiveness. For my families health and happiness I invest one. It doesn’t disappoint me as I always created a different menus everyday.

I was then called a wonder-mom for serving my family with wonderful meals. A feeling of always dining out gives them a wonderful smile.

To get that perfect pumpkin soup recipe check out allrecipe.

Dust Bunnies Beware! Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

I have pets. Two little dogs and a whole lot of little dust bunnies. They scurry around all over the place and it was only recently I discovered how easy it is to use a vacuum for hardwood floors.

For the longest time I used different mop types of floor cleaners for my hardwood floor. First a broom and a dustpan, then a dust mop, and still those wascally wabbits got away from me, because the slightest breeze would send them scampering under the couch or into the corner or under the closet door. Then I got a new vacuum cleaner.

Finding the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair was not an easy job, and I’ll tell you why. Most vacuum cleaners will clean any floor surface, but some vacuums will damage your hardwood floors doing it. The best kind of vacuum for a hardwood floor is the canister kind with the long hose and a wand attachment with a felt or brush head. Canister vacuums also normally have rubber wheels, which won’t scratch your floor.

Upright vacuum cleaners have beater bars or brushes, and not all can be raised to keep them from beating your floor. Designed to agitate carpets and shake dirt loose, those same bars can do some real damage to your oak, pine, or other hardwood.

Other considerations are weight, versatility, accessories, attachments, and of course, suctioning power. I want to be sure to get all the dog hair and grass that my dogs drag in, not to mention those elusive dust bunnies, and that requires good suction. The features that make the canister vacuum ideal for hardwood floors also make it optimal for drapes, furniture, walls, ceilings, stairs, curtains and lamps as well. This is one tool that can make housecleaning a breeze.

The best advice I was given was to choose one of the most popular brands. The warranty and guarantee that normally goes along with the best loved brands make it worry-free, knowing that the popularity of the brand has been earned. It would be very disappointing to spend a lot of money on a vacuum cleaner only to have it not work up to expectations. Most major brands are available online, making it even easier to purchase. And one of the best parts of choosing a vacuum for hardwood floors online is reading customer reviews. Customers tend to be very upfront about both successes and failures and they will tell you things that are not covered in the manufacturer’s literature. So go find you a vacuum for your hardwood floor and catch yourself some bunnies!

Photo Source: Eva Rinaldi

Steps to a Good Health

Shape up in and out, how? No matter how you balance your diet if you are not going to take some time to exercise, your body becomes weaker and lousy. Have a few steps a day to strengthen your muscles and stability.

If you are busy like me, with all the kids and house activities, just taking a few walks can make a big difference. We do not have an exercise machine at home as no room for that anymore. So what I did is just go outside and look for a riverside or a park to at least have a 10,000 walk a day. This is my doctors advice to let my blood flows smoothly and my heart function normally.

I just make sure to walk outside in a good weather. For me the perfect time to have a walking exercise is after I send the kids to school in the morning. Weather temperature in the morning is warm and safe from harmful uv rays. With my running shoes, and step counts checker plus a bottle of lemon water and some good music I am geared up and ready to count my 10,000 steps a day.

Walking outside is beneficial to both you and your wallet. Thus walking at the park is free anytime rather than going out to the gym. I save from monthly membership fee and you could do it anytime you are free, it’s so much more flexible than joining a fitness class at gym. Aside from budget it is also beneficial to my health as I can inhale fresh air and can take a quick rest whenever needed. At the park or at the riverside unlimited view of nature helps me broaden my mind. This is my free time to brainstorm things that should be done throughout the day or in the future. Or if not I just free my mind from thinking to refresh and allow new ideas or just relax.

Keeping yourself busy with all the work to be done is always good, but to set a time for your health is even better. Don’t lock yourself with the households, give time for your health to keep you strong and healthy. Our family needs us, so always keep in good shape.